Sunday, February 28, 2016

Designing the Global Museum for Museum Studies Grad Students

One team created the following POV/Experience Statement:

A goal-oriented but frazzled museum studies graduate student needs a way to feel accomplished and refreshed because they need a community on campus.

Their response was a prototype of a "luxury 503" with key-card access, with lockers, opportunities for ownership, and a kitchen:

The next team developed the following POV/Experience Statement:

Monica Samantha is a public programs intern that plans be an education curator who needs a well-rounded hands-on education to gain the experience necessary to have ownership of their professional career.

In response the team prototyped an education lab/maker space where students could test interactives.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Design Thinking!

Students responded to the design challenge: How might the Global Museum at SFSU provide a meaningful resource to SFSU Museum Studies graduate students.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Global Museum brochure

Next the students created a marketing brochure for the Global Museum for three of John Falk's identity related motivational categories: facilitating socializer, explorer, and recharger.

Messaging the Global Museum to museum studies grad students

Students used the Smart Chart Message Box tool to create messaging for the Global Museum--including the value, addressing barriers, action and vision.

Global Museum--barriers for museum studies graduate students

Yesterday in class we discussed the importance of audience development efforts in museums addressing barriers that prevent audiences from visiting.

Students created a list of barriers for museum studies students:

  • Commuter students--I don't live here
  • Alums who are not students any more (some of the current 870 students will graduate before the museum is open)
  • Fatigue (I write about, think about, read about, and learn about museums all day)
  • Hours may not work with schedules
  • May not feel a connection to the institution
  • Opening delay diminishing a sense of connection or trust
Students also discussed the potential of the Global Museum to be a site of both bonding and bridging (using Robert Putnam's terms that were picked by Nina Simon in her blog)--bonding between museum studies students and bridging between grad students, undergrads, etc.